About the Author


About the Author:

Ron Behunin born June 14, 1944 in Los Angeles, California, raised in and around Salt Lake City, Utah. At 18 worked at the top secret Radiological Sciences Dept at the Nuclear Test Site in Mercury, Nevada. Raised in a musical family, plays several instruments and composes and arranges a variety of genres. 

Began writing stories in around 1980 and fascinated by the ‘untold’ portions of Coriantumr’s life, has set out to explore the possibilities, hopefully to the delight of the already interested and the open minded. He’s written this novel just as much for you who enjoy an intriguing adventure story about an obscure race, as for you who may already have some knowledge of the subject. Everyone ENJOY!

Ron’s writing style is fresh. warm and conversational, in real time, woven with music and imagery just for the fun of it. Hopes to share with many.