(Ballad introducing the book “CORIANTUMR the Legend” by Ron Behunin) 

The people from the tower,
who came cross the waters, 
They brought their future with them
to start their life anew.
They toiled and built and planted
in a virgin land of promise,
They multiplied and prospered,
and to countless numbers grew.
Live on,
Be true.
Just keep on keepin’ on,
that’s what they had to do. 
Live on. 
Thru a hundred generations
and dozens of rebellions,
A portion of the people
still remembered whence they came, 
But murd’rous foes gained power
thru secret combinations, 
And ruled with blood and horror,
and revenge returned the same.
Live on,
See it thru.
Just keep on fighting on,
that’s what they vowed to do. 
Live on. 
‘Til amid the mindless carnage,
the final two lay dying, 
Then the sole surviving warrior,
the mighty Shiz laid low. 
And if not for faithful Ether,
Coriantumr the victor 
And his race all dead around him,
the world would never know! 
Live on,
Just you!
Just keep on breathin’ on,
that’s what you’ve gotta do. 
No babies cry,
no widows mourn! 
Am I gone too,
or just alone? 
Now I lie here in this hovel,
and for years I’ve kept the vigil,
And watched for Ether’s ‘others’
thru sickness and despair. 
And if madness don’t defeat me,
and voracious beasts don’t eat me, 
Then maybe on the morrow,
I’ll awake and they’ll be here. 
Live on,
be true.
Just keep on livin’ on,
that’s all that’s left to do! 
Live on,
be true.
Just keep on breathin’ on,
that’s all that’s left to do! 
Live on,
Live on,

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